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Thank you. Your article was quite long -- wouldn’t it perhaps be helpful to place a brief overview/summary in the introductory portion to orient readers?

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Thank you !!! Same people, same mentality -- there is also a direct connection:

- between brazen DNC + Deep State immense Russia-gate hoax

- and the "unprovoked” US proxy war against CAPITALIST Russia

- and a tragedy for two great and closely related Slavic nations

- and the insane and total support for Nazi-dominated US-puppet government of Ukraine

- while just in CA there are 100,000+ homeless citizens living in miles long cardboard and tent shantytowns...

We live in an "Empire of Lies" and are witnessing an orgy of 1%-er thieves

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Thank you and -- and Ukraine update:

Helicopter carrying Ukrainian Interior Minister (head of the Azov, which is under the Interior Ministry) & his Deputy, aides, shot down by U.S. Stinger missile over Kiev, crashes & hits busy daycare, killing kids - The Dreizin Report

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