This is a perfect, concise description of the entire thing, the war and the "peace". Spread this far and wide.

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If Americans had been taught proper history or journalists recounted current affairs factually rather than as PR for US foreign policy, there might be more taking to the streets in protest like is starting in Europe. If the public read Putin’s speeches they’d be aware of the ‘opponent’s’ issues which would should how doable diplomacy is. But the US never learned how to share this world with others.

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Incredible takedown of yet one more court jester of empire. The term presstitute seems more and more appropriate for today’s public relations arm

Of the state intel/military cabal. To believe this myopic nonsense requires a lot of cognitive dissonance; unfortunately in great supply here in the states.

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Thank you !! And – a BIG event. My hero for decades -- of the highest integrity:

Nov. 16, 2022 -- https://greenwald.locals.com/upost/3068489/watch-the-debut-episode-of-our-pre-launch-of-system-update

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“We define journalism in America as the business and practice of presenting the news of the day in the interest of economic privilege. -Upton Sinclair, 1919

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No questions here, just answers Matt.

Washington's Ukrainian Proxy War over the lives of the Ukrainian people to bring down the Russian State and pillage its resources, two of the three reasons to wage this war, is a lost cause for The West.

For The West, a serious loss. Their desperation runs deep, very deep.

Many more Ukrainians will die before they give up this one.


This War will be settled on Russia's terms.

That old geo-political adage - Never, ever start something you cannot finish. So . . .

One Great Game Too Many . . . https://les7eb.substack.com/p/washingtons-war-ix-one-great-game

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Ukraine’s “civil war” was waged from the get go by Russian (national) commanders (Igor Girkin et al), soldiers and tanks on Ukrainian soil. The west did everything to deescalate since 2014 because it preferred cheap oil and lucrative pipeline deals.


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FYI -- FTX cryptocurrency scandal is just the beginning – Among the BEST initial analyses so far !!


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You really believe « something happened » to Nick to write such hawkish drivel? No way. Fit to purpose, as, I suspect, you well know. Feigned disappointment is a nice literary device, but it really doesn’t fit the current circumstances. Nick is a good soldier. He knows what good Americans are supposed to believe and knows what role the NYT is supposed to play in getting his audience there. This drivel is NYT/US gvmt policy. Nick knows how high to jump and in what direction when told. How else would he have gotten so far?

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Thanks – and more: Matt Orfalea’s CENSORED / DELETED videos on YouTube

Democrats' "Stolen" Election Claims | FLASHBACK -- September 29, 2022


"Rigged" Election Claims | Trump 2020 vs Clinton 2016 -- September 29, 2022


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