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Well, perhaps the coup that Hillary Clinton et al tried against Trump via the FBI and the rest of the federal apparatus was actually the first move in this era of total duopoly dysfunction that we are stuck with. Funny how in all the hand-wringing about "saving democracy" no one ever mentions that several year episode any more.

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The imagination and the spiritual strength of Shakespeare’s evildoers stopped short at a dozen corpses. Because they had no ideology.

Ideology—that is what gives evildoing its long-sought justification and gives the evildoer the necessary steadfastness and determination.

-Alexander Solzhenitsyn,

The Gulag Archipelago, Part 1, Chapter 4, “The Bluecaps”

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FBI demands 66 YEARS to release data on Seth Rich laptop – (his murder is still unresolved.)


2020 elections were indeed STOLEN – by FBI !!

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Wonder what the effect of all those who do not vote, is? Recall that discouraging thoughtful voters was an objective of certain political party operatives so mostly those who were easier to manipulate would be left. What are the statistics for contrasting registered voters who vote, versus the number of persons eligible to vote (not just registered voters). That may be the real toll of political parties, which ought to be added to the objections to political parties raised by our founders. Of course, inaction is a choice that has consequences and responsibility, as well.

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Just a correction: It was Senator Rand Paul who was attacked, Ron Paul is his father.

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The conclusion of this article (not voting in a crucial election) is irresponsible. As a progressive who voted 3 times for Ralph Nader for President and who fought to try and make Bernie Sanders the Democratic nominee, I can only invoke Noam Chomsky’s logical argument for voting for Biden in 2020 and voting Democratic in the 2022 midterms: the planet now stands on the precipice. Donald Trump and the Republicans represent the quickest path to planetary suicide, and I will not consciously participate in pretending they are not a threat for the purposes of performative political theatre … Yes, Biden sucks, and Joe Manchin sucks, and the corporate Democrats suck, and I will continue to fight to replace them with decent, caring human beings. This fall, we added Summer Lee and Maxwell Frost to our modest but growing list of progressive wins. But I will not fall into the nihilism trap or the Jimmy Dore grifter route. Too much is on the line. We live in the real world… not some thought experiment.

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I was prepared to /unfollow upon reading your title. After reading this essay, I must say you've given me quite a lot to think about. Thank you for that!

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Actually very embarrassing that your evidence for Democrats being just like Republicans is a tabletop exercise

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Yeah. You should of seen the corruptions and bull king before 2020 or even 2016.

But orange man bad.

So you can try to hang this around Democrats but you’re just as complicit. Just because you got wise now doesn’t mean you get to lecture.

You people let the party get to this state.

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I don't know why people think some tabloid Hunter story getting a bit more play in social media algorithms in the final two weeks of the election would have changed the results in a hyper-partisan, polarized environment where Hunter Biden stories had been drip-drip-dripping since Impeachment #1. We heard about hunter *all the time* - why one additional leg of that story getting not as much airtime as Giuliani would have liked would have changed the election outcome is a mystery to me. Democrats would have not come out and voted - because of Hunter Biden? Independents hadn't heard about him ad nauseum for a year?

There is no real evidence to suggest this would have swung the election to Trump - but it has become a place of "soft Election denialism" for people on the right who want to believe the election was "stolen" without requiring thousands of democratic operatives in a complex ballot stuffing conspiracy across hundreds of counties with the assist of Italian/Venezuelan corrupted Dominion machines.

One poll gets bandied about where about "16% of Biden voters said they would have changed their votes" had they known about Hunter - but has anyone LOOKED at that poll?? It was a ridiculous, hopelessly flawed poll from the "Media Research Center" that primed the pump with a series of pro-trump statements and looked to create the conclusion they "found" in the results.

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Thinking further about those not voting — while one may have a choice between the "degrees of evils" — not voting when one could have chosen the "lesser" (as they see it) seems to be giving two votes for the "greater", no? Hummm... again, that should be viewed as a choice that ought to be better understood before adopting an option to fail to participate in voting. The benefit always will go to that which one considers the greater evil — so my recommendation is to vote for the lesser rather than to advance the greater (and having to bear responsibility for the advance of the greater evil).

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“It was a stated bipartisan consensus that if Trump won the election, the Democrats would take to the streets with violence. They would launch us into a political crisis “

I’m certainly no democratic party apologist, they do not offer good government nor quality policy. Also, I recognize that morality is not transactional so I suppose there are not levels of moral bankruptcies and ethically bereft actions. We need a legitimate choice. Another party or two or three. A party with a platform that represents “we the people” in a legitimate fashion.

That said, nothing justifies dissemination of false information.

No doubt that was someone telling you their findings in some computer model prophecy. But you even print that in the article is a bit disingenuous. Democrat and Republican party constituents need to be in the streets by the tens of millions. Demanding we have a constitutional reaffirmation And engaging, teaching and learning from each other. The problem in United States, the framers never dreamed they would have to qualify all of this with the installation of “honest brokers” as members of the described bodies in the Constitution

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May I kindly offer a correction? KY Senator Rand Paul had his ribs fractured, not his father Ron Paul.

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Thanks – and more: Matt Orfalea’s CENSORED / DELETED videos on YouTube

Democrats' "Stolen" Election Claims | FLASHBACK -- September 29, 2022


"Rigged" Election Claims | Trump 2020 vs Clinton 2016 -- September 29, 2022


PS: Inescapable conclusion – 2020 election was indeed stolen – by Russia-gating FBI. As a direct result of that immense hoax we have US War party’s “unprovoked” tragedy in Ukraine.

Stand with Russia – it fights for all of us.

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Cancel Culture --- https://substack.com/inbox/post/83954106

After publicly promoting the event, and changing the venue due to "high demand," peace activists withdraw their invitation to Scott Ritter -- 11/11/2022

(Note – the article includes more – it is about Scott’s incredible persecution by “American Justice”)

Scott Ritter has been my hero for a long time -- because of his demonstrated high integrity, courage and patriotism. Until now I was unaware of the suffering and horror inflicted on him by the “American Justice”.

Thanks to Scott and by now famous video we know that the corrupt criminal monster, Joe Biden, knew with 100% certainty that Iraq had no WMD but Biden brazenly denigrated Scott’s testimony calling him “Scotty boy” and led us into Iraq war.

Let’s hope that he stays well and safe although Scott is on Nazi-Ukraine’s Kill list (with full knowledge of Biden and the US War party). Total censorship and oppression are now mandatory in the US so that bipartisan War party can conduct its proxy war against capitalist and democratic Russia and support the Nazi-dominated puppet government of Ukraine.

Let’s stand with Russia -- it fights for all of us. In regard of US proxy war against Russia, as Scott stated: “Russia is on the right side of history.”

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I'm feeling you bro: https://twitter.com/johnama35225086/status/1589963235645870080

also thanks for the Jimmy Dore. I don't usually watch him (just rubs me the wrong way) but I will given a link from a serious writer. Well done, you earned my following!

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