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Thank you !!!

Everywhere a puzzling and completely irrational DNC/media/security state propaganda.

BUT -- there is a VERY rational reason for that.

We are dealing with BIG Lie(s)

ANY, even rudimentary, discussion would unravel the lie(s) -- total censorship and prompt defamation of perceived opponents are the ONLY choice for the immensely corrupt Deep State cabal.

PS-1: A sad thing is that GOP lunatics are equally repulsive and dangerous -- happily grunting together while feeding at same donor troughs.

PS-2: It ALL starts with modern “original sin” and the Big Lie. Key players in the Russia-gate hoax and impeachment “entertainments” are now celebrating about “all but certain major war in Europe a la WW2” which they eagerly stoked– repulsive ghouls Adam Schiff, colonel Alexander Windman (an extremist Ukrainian), Jake Sullivan, advisor to Hillary who played key role in the Russia-gate hoax and now national security advisor to Biden (he “replaced” Michael Flynn), and Fiona Hill (a rabid Cold War warrior on National Security Council).

SAME lying bastards who led the scam of the century concocted by the SAME lying team -- Obama-Biden-Hillary-Pelosi-Schumer-Schiff and the rest of DNC-CIA/FBI cabal.

Adam Schiff has been, for years, a leading recipient of huge “donations” by arm industry – his main source of funds. Remember when Raytheon in 2013 put on a Beyonce concert to promote Adam Schiff? This despicable -- that human excrement and serial liar is among leading Congress war-mongers and recipient of arm industry donations.


Schiff is now driving government’s domestic terrorism legislation !!

In his free time this loathsome grifter wants to write a novel – of all things about Holocaust.

The entire Russia-gate lying team is back in FULL power -- we are now paying the price for not fully unmasking the brazen scam of the century. Of course, Trump and GOP lunatics were and remain VERY bad – however, DNC lying and warmongering team is INFINITELY more dangerous.

PS-3: US-supported war in Ukraine started seven (7) years ago with 14,000 mostly Russian Ukrainians killed by Nazi Azov battalions in East Ukraine.

Sudden Biden's withdrawal from Afghanistan was to focus on NATO trap in Ukraine for Putin – a repeat of Brzezinski’s approach of “financing and arming resistance” that created Al Qaeda.

1. The 2014 US coup against democratically elected Ukraine government,

2. Russia-gate immense and “lunatic” hoax concocted by Deep State and St. Obama, Biden and Hillary, and

3. NATO relentless expansion started with Bill Clinton, including into Ukraine and Georgia

All three points are VERY closely connected and are key components of US bipartisan War party strategy for continuing US world dominance. US will fight to the last Ukrainian to weaken CAPITALIST Russia and its alliance with China.

The SAME lying team and key psychopathic players. Remember huge militaristic bipartisan funeral of John McCain who endorsed Nazi-units in Ukraine.

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